Will the County locate my property stakes for me?

The County does not locate property boundaries in the field for residents. If you cannot locate the original survey pins, the only accurate way to find or replace them is to hire a land surveyor. Land surveyors are listed in the Yellow Pages or you may check with the Newton County Chamber of Commerce.

Fences, Power Poles & Public Walks

Remember, while fences, power poles and public walks may give you a general idea of where your property lines are, they are not always accurate indicators. But they are a good place to start looking for markers. Fences are sometimes located on property lines, but the previous owner may have erected the fence well inside the line. Also, lots are not always uniform in size, so it should not be assumed that your property lines will line up with the lot lines of your neighbors.

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After reviewing the following information if you still have questions, you may contact the Department of Development Services at 678-625-1659.

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2. Will the County locate my property stakes for me?
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