Enviroscape Presentations

Available for: All Grades
Topic: Water Pollution (Non-point source and Point source)

  • What is an Enviroscape Presentation? 
    • The “Enviroscape” is a large plastic model that sits on a table. It has various landscape and topographical features. The presenter places model houses, cars, factories, trees, and animals on the Enviroscape base. He / she uses materials such as cocoa, candy sprinkles, and food coloring to represent animal waste, chemical sludge, litter, and fertilizer. Then he / she uses a spray bottle with water to represent rain.
  • What does an Enviroscape Presentation do? 
    • The presentation demonstrates how stormwater carries pollution. The presenter talks about the importance of keeping water clean and describes measures individuals and businesses can take to prevent water pollution.
  • Who can learn from an Enviroscape Presentation? 
    • The Enviroscape activity is best suited for groups of less than 25 students per group and takes approximately half an hour to complete. The activity can be adapted to suit groups of any age.
  • How can I schedule an Enviroscape Presentation? 
    • If you would like to schedule an Enviroscape presentation for your class or group, please email Laurie Riley or call at 770-784-2015. Laurie will do the presentation for students or teachers can borrow the Enviroscape model and do their own presentations if they prefer. (The model fits into a carrying case that rolls.)