When Do I Need a Building Permit?

The easiest way to find out whether your project requires a building permit is to contact the Building Permit / Inspection Division at 678-625-1659.

Building & Building Additions

All new buildings or building additions require issuance of a building permit and, in most cases, any remodeling that involves structural work (moving or eliminating walls) or any work which increases the living space of your home (finishing attic or basement areas) will require a building permit. This is to insure compliance with the code for current and future occupants.

Cosmetic & Repair Work

Cosmetic work or repair work (re-roofing; re-siding; flooring; replacement of kitchen cabinets, etc.) may not require a permit, unless the work involves structural items or plumbing or electrical work. The following list may not be all inclusive, so it is always best to ask the Building Permits / Inspection Division prior to beginning any project to verify whether a permit is needed.


Common Improvements Needing Permits:

  • Building additions or remodels
  • Building demolition or moving
  • Decks
  • Foundation repair/replacement
  • Major electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installations
  • New residential/commercial buildings
  • Pools
  • Storage buildings; detached garages/carports; gazebos