Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Meet the Newton County Recreation Staff:

Telephone:  770-786-4373

Newton County Recreation Administrative Staff:

Recreation Director - Ternard Turner (Phone Ex. 1015)

Deputy Director - Dwayne Mask (Phone Ex. 1054)

Fiscal Officer - Greg Sullivan (Phone Ex. 1019)

Recreation Administrator - Kale Curtis (Phone Ex. 1017)

Recreation Administrator - Matt Taylor (Phone Ex. 1016)

Senior Administrator - Tammy Cheek (Phone Ex. 1010)

Front Desk Staff:
Cheryl Dailey
        Brittnee Decker
        Jillian Meert       

Admin. Media Specialist/Recreation Coordinator Miracle League - Dena Hill (Phone Ex. 1050)

Athletic Managers:
Athletic Manager - Horace Stroud (Phone Ex. 1037)

Athletic Coordinators:
Recreation Coordinator - Jeff Key (Phone Ex. 1018)
Recreation Coordinator - Zach Norris (Phone Ex. 1021)

Part Time Athletic Staff:
Athletic Staff - Egenoise Martin

Maintenance and Grounds Staff:
Maintenance Supervisor -
Johnny Norrington
Maintenance - Mike Woods 
Maintenance - Bruce Jones
Maintenance - Dontorrie Henderson
Maintenance - Jonathan Benton
Maintenance - Severn Degraffenried

Facility Head Custodian and Staff:
Head Custodian - Kathy Christian
Custodian - Brenda Webb

Part Time Facility Supervisors:
Facility Supervisor - Rodney Blake 
Facility Supervisor - Wallace Smith

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